Texture Tutorials

There should be enough tutorials here to cover what is required to make textures for various uses  give you the understanding and knowledge to be able to create any textures you wish, without having to ask or find another guide in the future. Hopefully it will teach you to teach yourself.

Many tutorials focus on the creation of 1 specific texture (e.g. creating  a metal texture), although beneficial, this is not very efficient as you would need about 10,000 tutorials to cover just the basics.

I feel each individual has their own personal input that can aid growth and learning for others so its good to watch other work, however, i will primarily try to teach useful techniques and tips that can be applied to any texture creation process & cover the information that people rarely touch upon. Bringing wider knowledge into the creation process, which is something artists have to do, but seldom speak of. The benefit is that when making textures you will know which methods best suit any given real life material you are trying to imitate and how this will look in the Unreal Engine.

Although i predominantly use Unreal Engines and preferably enjoy to make sky textures, i have experience in 2D 8Bit Graphics aswel. I have a strong knowledge of material based elements used in construction industries, which is more important than some people may think, especially when replicating various materials, metals, concrete, or even realistic architecture.

Other information you will find on the Unreal textures including;

  • appropriate uses
  • limitations
  • Importing & compression settings
  • Creating Base Textures
  • Creating Alpha Masks
  • information on Element materials (such as types of rock, clouds, metals etc)
  • some useful colour values and base textures


Create a SkyDome Texture:

  • Create Sky textures for use with existing Skydome Static Mesh in Unreal Tournament 3/ UDK
  • This tutorial will show you how to create a texture for existing ‘SkyDome’ static mesh with UT3 & UDK.

Texture Compression Information:

  • This is useful for achieving the correct visuals & performance levels.
  • Some textures will benefit from specific compression settings, so knowledge of these will help.

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