PhysX & Apex

Update 2015: PhysX has become Open source for the Unreal Engine 4

 PhysX related pages

Nvidia’s PhysX & Apex system was a short lived & demanding experience on hardware within UT3.  Since then systems have much improved, unfortunately UT3 players left long before systems were able to make the most of this amazing concept.  Before we get into the more user friendly and latest releases of the two (UDK & UE4), you may be interested to know a bit about the UT3 PhysX & Apex history.

After the initial release of the Ageia & NVIDIA PhysX packs they were pulled and updated due to corporate (Ageia went to NVIDIA). The original files are impossible to find //EDIT// UPDATE 2015: I finally found (after 3 years) the Original PhysX ModKit for UT3 and have put together a new download pack for it. This is the Only Complete Version available. The majority of systems were barely able to cope with the immense demand on both CPU and GPU, dual cores were the main thing for most people at this time & i had only just got one.

I appear to be a lone developer on this stuff in the UT3 Community, at least for apex attempts and real PhysX integration (although i will add some noteable exceptions to that statement that have done similar stuff). At this time i was still playing in the shallow end of Unreal Dev and these became another set of over ambitious projects.

Fortunately i was able to snag a place with a team and become an offical Dev, albeit a newbie. Accessing this membership is alot harder now if your not on a real project, i think im the only one left active in UT3 for this stuff but at least its open source for UE4.


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