Area 51 (PC)

Area 51 is a horror/ Survival FPS game for PC, XBOX and PlayStation 2.

[Quote from wiki]
“The game was released as freeware sometime ago for U.S. based consumers by the United States Air Force.” 

  •  A patch is required to play the game (Link below)
  •  Freeware (Officially free)
  •  FPS (survival horror)
  •  Features Marilyn Manson & Voice acting by David Duchovny
  •  creatures designed by Stan Winston Studios, famed creature designer for such films as “Aliens”, “Jurassic Park” and “Predator”
  •  a Jump Bug is present (↓↓↓See my Fix below↓↓↓)

Download Links:


Alt D/l Links:

Original (Archived) Link:

More Info:

Jump Bug Fix:

  • Delete the “UserVConfig.ini” before you play the game (everytime you want to play)
  • Run game in 640×480
  • Right click A51.exe > Properties > Compatibility
  • – Set Resolution to 640 x 480
  • – Windows XP SP3
  • – Run program as Admin

Video (JumpBugFix):

Alternative jump Bug fixes:

Jump Bug Fix (Alternative 2): (Only If you have Dual Monitor)

  • [1] Set monitor 1 resolution (your desktop) to “640 x 480”
  • [2] Set monitor 2 resolution (your desktop) to “1920 x 1080” (or the resolution you want)
  • [3] Run game as normal, Press “ALT+TAB” & drag your Game window on Monitor 2
    – you can then maximise the screen on your 2nd monitor leaving the first desktop monitor @ 640×480

Jump Bug Fix (Alternative 3):
– It is possible that the “Windowed Borderless Gaming” tool can help
– read more here:


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